-23 °C and getting better!

This winter has been exceptionally cold with a LOT of snow. It makes people complain (a LOT) but I kinda like it. Smoke coming from the chimneys, snow sparkling like nature's own glitter or looking even like cupcake frosting!  Oh, and those giant ice spikes, I love them!

It also leads me back to the 1950´s when my dad use to ski to school across river Aura in terrible weather - no school buses back then.

Speaking of my dad, I recently moved to new neighbourhood and next to our home is a barbershop called "Atla". This was back in 1950´s the only place in town where a man could get a proper hair cut.

The barber / hairdresser was a wild one anyway. Once she had forgotten her iron on the sofa (!) and the flames were already smashing out window when she realized this - while cutting my dad's hair. Another time, she had got really pissed at the husband nagging about her driving style and crushed the car  into the wall of a house!
Here is my dad, the goalie in 1963 after his team won bronze at the national championship in football. And the day after, planning and plotting together with the coach.

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