Walk around the neighbourhood

Maro the Dog and I, we love walking around the neighborhood. He is always in a rush, reading his daily "natural newspaper".
 One of the best things of having a dog is finding new paths & new bits and parts in your own living environment. I just let Maro show the way and off we go exploring!
The forest next to us is beautiful, bizarre and packed with very unique energy. There is a lot of remains from wartime, which have been "modernized" by local teenagers.
Some of them look like ancient temples, rising suddenly in between the pine trees.
For some reason, I really like these high power lines. But then again, I'm a huge fan of Soviet suburbs as well, so maybe these likings go together well.

And then finally, a view from our balcony. It's facing a very busy street but luckily we live on the highest floor so all I see is a beautiful winter night sky.

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