Highlights 14 + 15 / 2011

On Friday 15th April I went to Pori to give a burlesque workshop for the Rappio-seminar. By car. I haven't driven that long for ages,  but it was definitely worth it! And oh, how I love culture house Annis - wish we had that in Turku too!
Poster for the Kokonut Kult is finally getting ready - I can't wait to begin the club, it's going to be one fabulous explosion of entertainment. Tickets for the first night "TABOO" are being sold at Tiketti ! Right now!
Oijoijoi, I almost forgot - early this week I was give a very special gift. What it was, is a secret until May, but oh boy, it's a dream come true - a dream, I didn't know I even had! I also had a chance to participate in the new photo series of gifted, talented, gorgeous Marco & Saara from Atelier O. Haapala.
 And finally, after touring 9 months in 9 different neighborhood libraries giving art workshops for kids - it's over. Or almost, there is going to be exhibition about the results in May, I'll tell you more later!

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