A Short Story Long or A Long Story Short: The life of Kiki Hawaiji

"Creature of the tropics - passionate and unstable"
- Sherlock Holmes-

  • Kiki Hawaiji is born.
  • Becoming friends with gorgeous Bettie Blackheart and her husband Frank Doggenstein.
  • Learning how to do Go Go Robics with the World Famous Pontani Sisters.
  • Being amazed and stunned by the photos of Katharina Bosse in her book New Burlesque.
  • Trip to New York and visiting Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art-School & Starshine Burlesque.
  • Founding of Hulapirates - the first Finnish burlesque group together with Bettie Blackheart & Frank Doggenstein.
  • Going around Helsinki and asking clubs for a possibility to arrange a burlesque party. No luck here, no luck there. 
  • Except with bar Päiväkoti in Turku where the first Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art-School Finland is held in March 2007. 
  • After sailing across the sea with Tattoobåten, me, Bettie and Frank came to a decision: Hell, let's have our own party! The official birth of Helsinki Burlesque.
  • Helsinki Burlesque Festival 2009 starring Little Brooklyn, the Teaserettes and one of the first Finnish neo-burlesque groups the Itty Bitty Tease Cabaret - just to mention a few.
  • Hulapirates Kabaree is seen in various events, for example in the summer cruise "From Helsinki to Honolulu via Hysteria" and Circus meets Burlesque in Tampere. 
  • Visit to New York, seeing astonishing Miss Rose Wood performing and winning a prize at the Monday Night Bingo.
  • Helsinki Burlesque Festival 2010 starring the devil's own mistress - Satan's Angel, the queen of the fire tassels. On stage also World Famous *BOB* with her signature act "Martini Time".
  • The finnish edition of Michelle Baldwin's Burlesque and the New Bumb-n-Grind is released.
  • Birth of Turku Burlesque and focus on bringing burlesque to the west coast of Finland.
  • Performing at the Lainsuojattomat -theater festival in Pori,  Stockholm Burlesque Festival and Hootchy Kootchy Club in Sweden.
  • Collaborating with Hulapirates Kabaree and  Turku City Theater with the 4 show production Burn Inn - burlesque motel.
  • Hulapirates Kabaree is proud to be the first one to introduce the art of tease to the Estonians at the Feministid tulevad kell kolm - art festival.
  • Helsinki Burlesque Festival 2011 with the stars of the Tournée: Kitten on the Keys and Mimi Le Meaux together with wonderful Cherry Typhoon, Alotta Boutté and many more.
  • Got myself a copy of Jo Weldon's Burlesque Handbook and thought "Wow! This is the world I want to be part of!"
The Future:
  • No one know what the future will bring, but I know my love for drag queens, whales, pom poms, exotica, 1960´s moves, cotton candy, my significant other and surrealistic story telling will stay.

Feel free to contact me via email: kikihawaiji (ät)

Burn Inn burlesque motel 2010. Photo: Rik Stavale.

Helmut's Delight 2010. Photo: Atelier O. Haapala.

Lainsuojattomat -festival 2010.

Glitter Grill 2010. Photo: Alejandro Lorenzo

HBF 2011. Photo: Laura Kansanen - Stavale.