Highlights 19 / 2011

Well, hello parrots! Not too fancy photo of the super fun wallpaper I will use to cover our ugly bedroom wardrobe! Will post some before - after photos as soon as I get a little further with this project.
Rörstrand's Kulinara dishes are so pretty pretty pretty that they make me want to speak swedish all the time! This time I only bought the small jar and the bigger serving tray, but I've got my eyes on other stuff too :)
I know You'll hate me for posting this, but as far as I am concerned winter may come! My new snow boots arrived and they are probably the warmest, nicest, craziest shoes I've ever owned.
 In addition to spending money, I also received some. Thanks to the Finnish Cultural Foundation / Varsinais-Suomi for the grant I got for my exhibition "La Danse Macabre" in the end of 2011 in Turku.
 We now have a poodle too. In past times they made these kind of bottle covers, which seems a bit odd since the way the cover has been crocheted, you can't really wash the bottle for re-using ut. In my poodle, there is inside an ancient bottle of "Koskenkorva". Traditional, I say.
My tomatoes and chilies are growing like C R A Z Y, even though at the moment it is only +5 °C and rainy! It's the first time in my whole life, I've been able to grow something from a seed. Normally, I've forgotten them in my studio to dry or had them in shady dark place where...well,  they just don't have any chances of growing.
 What else...oh, Maro "the great hunter" has just killed an elephant. Sometimes I wonder if I love this dog a bit too much but then again, when he is happy, I am.
 The newest and hottest club in town will start next week! See the details from our Kokonut Kult-blog!

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