It's May!

 And it's good that I finally washed all the windows in the house! Now I got a good photo from the old cottage standing sad and alone in front of our home. I do not know if this belongs to some of the owners of the houses next to it. If so, shame on them - this cottage is perhaps only reminder of what kind of houses used to fill this hill in early 1900's.
 On other side of our home is a strange shelter for men and women and one of them has a fenced balcony. I don't know what kind of home it is except that people living there 1) have a shared kitchen 2) smoke a lot and 3) are not that keen on decorating their homes.
 Birch is my favorite tree. The combination of fresh green leaves and the white & black trunk is irresistible! I almost become a tree hugger when I see these trees!

 And what did I find! I strange greenhouse attached to a barn?! Didn't yet go any closer but will do so later on and check what's growing inside!
And this is a ditch called Kovasoja, there are really beautiful and strange miniature worlds along the ditch - small rapids, tiny jungles of hay, fallen branches and so on. Would be great to do some "project" there one day!

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