It's a mess!

Oh dear, oh dear. I'm fanatic when it comes to cleaning and arranging things. Meaning that I am addicted to the smell of cleaning detergent (the stronger the better) and i truly believe that when everything at home is in order, that has a straight connection to the happy order and balance in my head.
 However, most of the time our home looks like this. It seems that after every gig, project, workshop, lecture, artsy stuff and so on, I just drop everything from my hands.
 And there they stay.
 Until the better (read more quiet) days come.
 I feel really sorry for my significant other, 'cause he is the man of order. It's all MY stuff that is lying here and there, all around the house.
So today I'll get a grip of myself and make a change.
 If only I could get away from the computer.
 There is always an excuse. Or two. And at least I found the documentation of the wrestling performance "El Reparador Habil vs La Invasora Del Espacio" we did a couple of years ago in gallery B with my friend.
 Like this one: I suddenly had an urge to start the works for my upcoming solo exhibition at the gallery Å. One might think there is still plenty of time (it's only in December 2011), but hey, no time better than the present!

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