Work holiday

Despite of 12 hour working days, I feel I've had a mini holiday for the past two weeks in Maaria neighborhood. Especially today, 'cause circus came to the town!
Beautiful junction of bourgeois and nomad lifestyle.
I've been working in local library as Art Janitor, meaning "repairing" different kind of targets in a need of an artistic touch.  My target this time was the library wall where the paint was peeling off (because a) somebody had tried to burn the building few years back and b) the house was painted in autumn in rain).
I scraped the paint off and like in the Rorschach test tried to see what kind of figures are being born. The work resulted in some loose, imaginary "The Wind in the Willows" -theme, where the viewer can make her/himself up what is happening on the wall.
I know, there is still work to do! And a good reason to go back to Maaria!
The head of the library called this silhouette graffiti. And I like it.
Spending more and more time in the countryside has made me long for the little red cottage and the potato field (how typical Finnish I am) again, more and more.

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