Wasting time

and waiting for the summer holiday. And just a word of warning - this is probably the most useless post ever.
Besides actual work, Star Trek marathon & cross-stitch embroidery I've been cleaning the house (aka putting loads of stuff in the attic, so it feels really spacy everywhere else).I think it is one of the world miracles how much books and boardgames collect dust. Atsiuh!
 Sofa in the study. And THE guitar. There is plenty of those in the house. But this one is special - Miro ♥ made it for me as a birthday present a few years back.  
In our vestibule (hih, how funny word is that!) one can dream about lands far far far away. And maybe one day actually visit one. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed for our all lady - not waking up without a glass of bubbly - holiday to happen in Moscow this July!
Bright colours and vitamin bombs are needed in the kitchen. Also a pair of maracas doesn't harm, although I sometimes mistake them as oranges. But only in the mornings when waking up is especially hard.
Lace has some how made it's way to our home. More plastic looking the better, i say. Also different colours of purple & violet are common sight.
And another miracle is that I have manage to grow these tomatoes from a seed. Yes, from a SEED! I don't care if they ever make actual tomatoes but hell yeah, I feel like almost a real gardener! (Just because this time I didn't kill them right away.)
Now I go and waste some more time!

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