Cleaning with camera, part I

Xmas readings I
Xmas readings II
Beginning of the cleaning - from the top of the world aka fridge.
Postcards by PolkkaJam.
A little collection of coffee makers.
Calluna - the only plant I'm able to keep alive.
Lunch break & homemade hamburgare รก la Miroslove.
Little findings.
Toys in the living room.
Someone else's souvenirs from the second hand market.
View from the balcony. Awful lot of rain today. Again.
My parrot wardrobe now has also a light so I can see what to wear.
Time for a little nap with Maro the dog.
Little presents for me - matryoshka potholder and squirrel cloth.
Two of my favourite beings in the world -
World Famous *BOB* and Soviet X-mas creature.
Well, last Xmas I obviously didn't feel like sorting the decoration.
This year the highlight of my tree will be Russian vegetables!
A little corner.
In the bathroom - see, the cleaning is actually proceeding!
Tiles above the tub.
A tiny little whale, that blows smoke from his mouth (if used as an ashtray).

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