Highlights 50 / 2011

It's a wrap! is the theme for the week.  It feels like yesterday when I started the Artist as Neighbour-project for the Turku 2011 - European Capital of Culture. But the truth is, that was 27 months ago and now we've come to the end.
At the same time, it is a relief but of course a bit sad too. It means new challenges and taking time to think, what I've done for the past years. You know, next year it'll be the 10th anniversary for me working in the field of socially engaged, site-specific art. 
Weird enough, I'm sort of looking forward being unemployed - something I've been fortunate enough not to experience before. And being unemployed in my case doesn't really mean out of work. 
I'm hoping to concentrate on my other artistic practice - meaning performing and doing some serious embroidery. My current exhibition "The Dance of Death" is now shown at the gallery Å here in Turku, Finland. It also got publicity from Mr. Xstitch, whose doing fabulous things with a needle, thread and world wide web. 
Next February these works in addition to some new stuff, will be shown at galleria Kingi Kongi in Helsinki. It'll be first time for exhibiting in Helsinki - superexciting! 
Here's another wrap by the way. It's my phone cover!!! Cassette! Miroslove bought me a new phone & this cover as a birthday & Christmas present - lovelovelove!! It's all making me annoyingly happy-chirpy-smiley-nervous-crazy and happy again!
After finishing cleaning the house from top to bottom, I rewarded myself with setting up the tree. And buying  a new one - but hey, when one has these wonderful vegetables, what else can you do? Right?
And the tree has to be in kitchen! And the other one in the living room.
I've also been buying gifts to my family, but haven't got myself to wrap them yet. It also seems, I've found a few presents for myself...but just a few!
Lovely polka dot cake papers.
Mummi & minä eucalyptus candy dishwash from LeenaElina shop.
Cards by Polkka Jam
More cards by Polkka Jam
Mid-December means also the annual gingerbread "competition" with my friend Petra. Last year I made a freak circus & she a suburban tragedy out of gingerbread. This year I had Avara luonto / The vast nature in my mind, but as it turned out, it's more like crowded nature.

In addition to sleeping, drinking, watching Star Trek (we just bought this) Xmas is perfect time to lure Miroslove into playing some board games & myself to the old school style reading - having an actual book in my hand instead of a screen!

But this is for now - I'll go and see if it has stopped raining...

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  1. Oi mä rakastan noita Polkka Jamin kissa-kortteja! Mä tilasin niitä kasan itselleni muutama viikko sitten ja yritän kuumeisesti miettiä että mihin ne laittasin esille :)