Highlights 8/2011

* Highlights is about joie de vivre and reminding myself about all the lovely and positive things around me every week of the year 2011*

I found a collector in me. Or maybe I am a babushka whisperer? It's like they are gently talking to me, saying "Take me home! Take me home!" that's exactly what I do. Today I found a beautiful set of salt / pepper / mustard -set and a kitchen towel from the second hand market.

This modern babushka is a piggy bank from Ljubljana, Slovenia where I visited my dear friends Igor ┼átromajer and his wife Bojana Kunst back in 2008 (?). And oh the coffee, THE COFFEE!!!  If You ever come to my town, I'll take you to Cafe Art / Turun kahvipaahtimo to enjoy some of the finest coffee in the whole world!
I love the afternoon sun in our living room: Although it makes me panic about summer! I need to get our balcony transformed into fabulous Tiki Oasis before it's too late!

I also love Miroslove's new vinyl wall exhibition - in my opinion, it's the best so far!

Oh, and in the beginning of this week, our new family member arrived- my brand new computer! On the table also Maija Louekari's "Ruutukaava" fabric, love her style of drawing!

Ps. Horst Holgerson and I had a little photo shoot today :) More about this some time soon!
Horst a long long long time ago.

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