Highlights 9/2011

This week's highlights have a lot to do with stuff, stuff, stuff and more stuff! And it's also a little bit about last weekend, when Miroslove's parents visited us. And they brought some old memories with them - like this Estonian toybox M had as a child and a lovely dog (posing here with my brand new goldfish wallet by KomonoArt.)

I also finally decided I'm going to bring home this beautiful, chic pillow by Saana ja Olli - fabulously creative, ecofriendly designer couple from Turku.
And a couple of postcards by Jeti Studio & Polkka Jam - another design collectives based in Åbo! Sami Vähä-Aho from Wundergrafiks and Polkka Jam also designed the logo for Turku Burlesque.
And burlesque, burlesque, burlesque...I finally had a chance to get myself a copy of Burlesque Handbook by Jo "Boobs" Weldon from The New York School of Burlesque. I highly recommend the book for everybody, newbies and the ones who've been on stage for a longer time. I just love love love the way she leads the reader into the fabulous depths of the art of tease. And I also got some of her DVD's  + other "little" things.
So luckily this week arrived a set of beautiful fans I ordered a while ago. Pink, green, yellow, feathers, silk and all. I can't wait for the weather to get a little bit warmer so I can go to my studio to rehearse!
I know, it might sound a bit of an excuse but my studio is located in an old army barrack and oh boy, no matter how hard you try to work, it's just too darn cold to strip!
Then to other nice events of the week! My dear friend Bettie Blackheart visited the town on thursday for a fire tassel show in Logomo - the new exhibition & event venue in Turku. We had such a lovely afternoon together, planning and brainstorming some new fancy stuff coming up hopefully later this year.  And when planning things, you need memos and folders like these by japanese artist, graphic designer Tadanori Yokoo.
And look what we also found - this must be the best advertisement stand ever!
At work, it was a busy week full of workshops and happenings. I attended "Sanataideparkour" which is a fine mixture of creative writing, words and parkour. The leaders of the workshop are fantastic and I want to thank all of them: Maiju & Johanna from Six Fingers Theater and Veera & Timo from Sanataidekoulu Kratti.
 I also did some workshops myself for the kids in Lauste suburb. I took Horst Holgerson with me - he pretended to be a tourist who is completely lost his way. Some times I just love love love my work!

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