Highlights 10 / 2011

Spring is definitely approaching! One of the best things I know is seeing bits and parts of the pavement when the snow and ice are melting. And even better is when they come with the machines and brush the gravel away!
 The premiere of Anneli Nygren's theater play "Kreisi galleria" is approaching and there is so / too many things to do before. Five rehearsals this week after full day job makes me one little tired girl.
So I've been a bit busy here and there, unlike my loved ones having an afternoon nap.
But I've also been working with something that has to do with these:
No, I haven't got myself more of tiki mugs and bowls (although, in my opinion, a girl can never have enough of them). But this time, these have got to do with something else, something special, something new, something exciting. About which I'll let you know - oh well, a little bit later!
 PS. The costume for my new performance is getting ready - lot's of sequins, flowers, pink, red and sparkle! 

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