Art, dyeing, disasters and a couple of free days

 How about a little art while doing your daily shopping? Sculptures made by Turku based artist Jouna Karsi are exhibited in hypermarket Prisma (Kalevantie, Turku) until 6th June. After that, they are moved to another Prisma market in Vanha Tampereentie, Turku.
A wish to bring art closer to the people has guided the artistic work. When works of art are presented in an every day environment, they become involved in fulfilling the basic needs. Karsi's miniature worlds are compact in size, like other items in the supermarket shelf.
 The project is part of the collaboration between Artist as Neighbour, Turku 2011 foundation and Turun Osuuskauppa. Have a look at them if you are in town, you'll be surprised!
I was documenting these while shopping for washing machine textile colors. My previous attempt to dye green embroidery fabric to black failed totally, so it was time for a second attempt. Hmmm...
It all started well, and me and Maro the dog were watching curiously how the colour was spinning in the drum. Our old washing machine has never tried harder to make me happy. However, the disaster was about the occur. I forgot that in the morning I had removed the whateverthislittleplugthereisinthecornerofthemachine and all the coloured water came out! 
Well, the machine is still spinning, let's see what the results will be. Meanwhile I'll concentrate on this:
This is my burlesque costume storage at the moment. This week's mission is to sort it out and make some sensible arrangement which will NOT explode the next time I need something. After I'm finished, I'll treat myself with a little film. And with a few days of holiday! Super!

 And yes, also that single eyelash has been there for TOO long. Time to let her go.

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