The city is your living room

Extremely talented, public installation artist, designer, and urban planner Candy Chang from the States arrives to Turku in the end of this week as guest of Artist as Neighbour.  She will participate in the Flux Aura environmental art happening with her site-specific work "Career Path". 
More site-specific, strange, curious, surprising and touching art comes with Olohuone 306,4 km2 public art festival all around the city.  So think Turku as of your own living room - that was the idea when we started the festival back in 2005.
This has actually nothing to do with the festival, but I love the detail in the window.
So despite the fact, that I was supposed to have a holiday today, I've been arranging this and that work related. But who cares, sun is shining, it's hot (too hot for a winter person, sorry!) and I had time to visit Jätti-Rätti! Woohoo!
 "Don't judge book by it's covers fits" suits the shop very well, because even though the rough look, it contains fabulous fabrics, fringe in all colours and all the little things a burlesque girl might need. Or an obsessed home decorator.
I found this with the ridiculous price of 3,60 € / meter. It'll be used for cover of the new sofa/chair I bought yesterday to our balcony. And also Maro the Dog likes it (the sofa, not the fabric).

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