Highlights 17 / 2011

This week has been wonderful when it comes to working for the Artist as Neighbour-project! On monday, the artist group Flora Metamorphicae from Bergen arrived and we started the "1000 flowers to Varissuo" -project.
 During the project I've realized that when it comes to exhibiting art in new places, the owners and directors of shopping malls and supermarkets seem to be the most open ones. In Varissuo, we set up the flower installation in an empty kiosk, thanks to Aberdeen Asset Management Oy.
 And tomorrow, on the 2nd of May, another artist participating in Artist as Neighbour, will set up a set of sculptures in the Prisma hypermarket in It√§harju. More about this later on!
 During the week, there has been tens and tens of people making the flowers and proving the fact that the simpler the idea, the better results! The flowers look wonderful and each of them is different!
 We even spent the Vappu in Varissuo and naturally, more flowers were made!
 Next week we are going to build a field of flowers in Varissuo Familypark, i'll be posting photos of that later on!

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