Highlights 23 / 2011

It's been a week full of picnics, boats, public art and first swims under the burning hot sun.
The week started with "Career Path" work by American artist Candy Chang. It's an interactive art work, where passerby's can participate in by writing down their childhood dreams and choices of adult life. She finished the work on Friday and it's smashing!
On Wednesday and Thursday I had picnic and cruise together with friends and people from the office. And woohoo, I found my soulmate - Katja who shares the passion for the crazy film called Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story!
I love the sea, even though I have never sailed etc. But living my childhood in Rauma, a town famous for people asking, when someone has died, what kind of boat they had, has had an insidious effect on me. I remember when I moved to Tampere, in the middle of Finland, I felt completely trapped. Living by the sea makes it easier to breath, to dream about far away lands and to escape, if one wants to.
Let's stay by the water for a little longer - Miro the Man threw his winter furs away and had a swim yesterday! Woohoo, wild one! And where else than in Maskun Riviera, the local specialty.
He also got little crew of followers from Canada Goose parents and little babies.
Meanwhile,  I concentrated on getting my daily dose of smoothies and fruities.
And creating! Ah, creating! I'm supposed to make the cover design for the upcoming album by fabulous Ismo Laakso Psychoboogie Explosion but this is how far I have got :)

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