Fabulous, touching, wild, cool and crazy experiences, stories, photos and videos from the Burlesque Hall of Fame 2011 are filling up every possible channel in the wide world of social media. And I thank all the glittery gods for that, 'cause that's the way poor bastards staying in Finland (like myself), can have a little of bit of fun too!
It's amazing to think that the first Helsinki Burlesque Festival was organized only in year 2008, marking the birth of Finnish burlesque scene. Today, it's even more amazing to see how far our homegirls and -boys have gone!
The videos linked here show the Finns conquering the stage in Las Vegas in June. Super funny and cute Itty Bitty Tease Cabaret has been shaking their tail feathers since the beginning, as well as fiery redhead, sometimes gothic scissor-hands Olivia Rouge and the winner of the Best Debut in Tournament of Tease at BHoF'11, gorgeous LouLou D'vil.
I'm so proud of these women - their creativity, ambition, courage and unique style! And I hope the future will take more and more local performers to the top of the burlesque world. So You've been warned, this tiny little corner of the globe has more spicy, sexy and steaming hot stuff to show You!
PS. Congratulations to ALL of the winners, performers & participants of the BHoF'11, especially to Miss Indigo Blue !

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