Welcome to the Human Zoo

Animals and humans, exhibitions, exotica and art- something I seem to bump into on a daily basis. A few days ago I got a lovely message from Hilja, who was photographing the burlesque party "Human Zoo" in Turku more than a year ago.
Ants in my pants by Hilja Mustonen
She is just simply wonderful! And if you don't believe me, go and have a look at her blog!
DJ's Miroslove Satan & Naja Naja by Hilja Mustonen
Campfire in a Zoo -exhibition by Turku based artists Annika Dahlsten and Markku Laakso are one of the must-see-things during the summer holidays! In addition to the Mechanical Music Museum in Varkaus, where Miroslove wants to visit every 10 years.
Annika Dahlsten & Markku Laakso: "Campfire in a Zoo"
The Finnish Museum of Photography 15.6. - 31.7.2011
(Photo: The Finnish Museum of Photography)
And just to stay in the wonderful world of the exotic other, jungle, palm trees, zoos and bizarre things, here is a little crazy video made about the Kokonut Kult burlesque club and our rituals. 
Music: Ismo Laakso Psychoboogie Explosion featuring Petri Bäckström
Original club photos: Kerttu Malinen

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