Highlights 23 / 2011

Oh dear, I have totally forgotten about last week's highlights! Was there any? Oh well, just little something. Like that I had a chance to talk face to face with the artist whose work I have been adoring ever since a silly little art student in Glasgow School of Art in 1999.
David Shrigley: Antidepressants
His conversation starter was: "Do I look as bored as I am?" at the opening of his exhibition. 
  After a little bit of digging I also remembered the first minigolf session with Miroslove & friends. As usual, I came in the last place, but had the biggest number of hole-in-ones! Hole-in-One was also the name of exhibition we had in gallery Titanik, Turku many, many years ago.
Photo: Reino Koivula
I made a tiny little zen gardenish track, where the player was supposed to make her way through green Tetris-blocks into the hole in the ground. Hmm...well, that's what there is to say about it.
Last week was also full of friends, families and good food! I was lucky to meet with Elina & Maija, who are my dearest and oldest friends but whom I hardly ever see anymore. But it's good to know that nothing changes between us, even if the world and our lives have turned upside down.
I've also finally started the embroidery works for the upcoming exhibition. Huh, let's say there is more than one stitch ahead.
And speaking of art, If you have a chance to visit the city of Joensuu - go to the local art museum! Hellcat and Heavenly creatures exhibition by fabulously talented artist Petra Innanen is there until the 25th of September 2011!
Petra Innanen: Hong Kong Schong

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