Highlights 27 / 2011

Last week I visited Rauma and my parents. Until I was 18 and moved away from home, we lived in a village called Uotila - a largest one in Finland, yet if You ask me, the tiniest place in the world. I can still remember the first bike ride with my friend to the city centre - only 3 kilometres away from home but still, in the other end of the world.
This kiosk was still working as a real kiosk back then. Even though Laitilan Wirvoitusjuomatehdas had bought it for advertisement purposes several years before, by 2004 it had been empty for a long time. That summer me and my friend rented it from the lemonade factory and started an art + culture kiosk called Kulta. It worked only for one summer but what a fun experience was  it!
This is my dad, getting old with a style!
Miroslove's holiday started on Friday and we were able to  hit the road already the very same evening! Our first target in our "Tour de Finlande" -trip was Lahti, where I had to drive myself. I've never driven a car that close to Helsinki so naturally, I had to document it. While driving.
We got to Lahti superlate and Maro the Dog was so happy to go around snooping all the new hoods!
The next day we had our first time with a convertable car. And ummm...I don't think we could have started better as the car was Alfa Romeo (not that I care that much about cars). 
Lahti also offered a nice line of colours.
And trees. Which made me think of my flowers at home. They were just starting to blossom when we left and I certainly hope they are still alive when we get back!
But I think this is a classic moment of "Wait and see." And at least I've got them documented!

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