Highlights 24 + 25 + 26 / 2011

It's been busy finishing the month of June. Before the midsummer (which we spent at home doing absolutely nothing!) the phone was ringing like crazy, emails + reports here, there, everywhere. UH!
But in the end, I managed to clean my desk (aplods!), arrange a hotel room from a fully booked town (due to Tangomarkkinat -semifinals) for Candy Chang - the fabulous artist, I've mentioned already before. She came to the town during the crazy heat wave and despite of it, managed to create a fabulous piece of art called "Career Pipe".
I spent one day in a shopping mall making fridge magnets in a table full of men wearing a lot of after shave and a little bit chubby magician making stupid jokes. In it's horribleness, it was interesting. Me and Miroslove went to see Cirque Dracula and however I'd like to hip hip hurray it, I can't.
Although Mr. Dracula (Ebon Grayman) was fantastic, as well as Betty Bloomerz, the sward swallower I actually had seen a few years back in Coney Island. Small world it is. And oh the tent! the tent! It was an amazing venue and lighting, thanks to Crista were super, naturally!
The only thing I did for the Midsummer was to go grocery shopping and seeing Jouna Karsi's sculptures in Tampereentien Prisma.
Most of the last week at work I wandered around the city documenting little details. Until finally, after putting up the Flora Metamorhphicae -installaation in the window of Sokos Wiklund by the Market Square, it was time for the F R E E D O M! 
And how sweet the freedom was! Sweet like fruits in the bowl at the Kokonut Kult burlesque club, where GoldDust stunned the audience with her ability to drum her hips with little strawberry sticks!
And sweet like a day off just walking and being a tourist in Helsinki? Popping by to see fabulous Fiona Timantti at her unbelievable studio!
 And sweet like Mango Cocos Rum Ice cocktail with Bettie Blackheart in a mexican style bar.
 Or was the highlight of the week performing at the legendary Kaisaniemi for the Helsinki Pride Naistenbileet? And meeting Danielle, Gemey top model from 1996.
 Anyways, it has been good 3 weeks and there is still plenty of holiday left!

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