Highlights 31 / 2011: Cointreau & Sluts

Why does it feel funny to use the word slut in other context than normally? I assume it feels a bit like when kids dare to swear the first time. So slut slut slut it is. And yesterday, it was Slutwalk here in Turku.

I'm not that experienced on marching for good or any kind of causes but it was good. I love to hear the slogans people have invented like "Oma rasia on oma asia"!
And to observe. It was a surprise how many people had come just to see the slutwalkers, not to participate themselves. And then again, to see people who are the reasons for others to participate in the walk. Hmmm.
 Miroslove went to summerhouse and brought this "little" zucchini, it's as big as the tea towel Masha gave us! What do with it...any recommended recipes?
 And speaking of the recipes, look what the postman brought me! A catalogue! The catalogue! The Cointreau catalogue! Last spring me, Fiona Timantti and Bettie Blackheart had a little photo shoot for Cointreau and more importantly cocktails designed for ourselves!
"One Kiki Hawaiji, please!" Oh, I love the sound of that!

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