Highlights 37 / 2011: Nuclear Winter in Bambiland

It's been a very special week, 'cause I've actually been able to spend time in my tiny little studio in Fimbul Artist Studio Space. The reason for this uncommon behaviour was Kulkulupa -event, during which artists all around Turku open their studios for the public.
 So did I. After a throughout arranging / organizing / cleaning of the space. It turned out nice, I've even got a table for embroidery work and nice little floor for rehearsing burlesque or stripperformances - a new term I learned from fabulous artist Tigger.
Despite of my not so welcoming gesture,  I think people really enjoyed coming to Fimbul. The area was used by the army for many decades and is still surrounded by fences. If lucky, you can see foxes and deers running around!
  Or even bumb into an abandoned boat on your way home. Oh and if You wonder about nuclear winter in the title, it's because Fimbul means nuclear winter.
 We even had a pop-in cafe where Tuike was taking care of business.
 And I was drinking far too many cups of coffee.
 And smoking  a lot of cigarettes while enjoying the beautiful autumn sun.
 Before I discovered, that when laughing, my upper lip makes a really strange wrinkle. It looks like I'm using snus!!! Oh dear, back to the silly teenage days, when I actually did experiment with snuff and received not so flattering nickname Suvi "Metrihuuli" Aarnio.  Huh, well that was the only and last time for that silly business.
Speaking of silly business...It's good to step out from one's comfort zone once in a while and do something different. Like performing at the Art Fair Suomi for the readers of Gloria magazine.
The performance was made in relation to the opening of Performance Art Bank, a database for Finnish performance art. I had a chance to be listed there as well, which definitely is one of the highlights of this week! 
I wish you all a wonderful upcoming week with lots and lots of this and that to remember later on!

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