Highlights 36 / 2011: Shoes, sightseeing, suburbs & Tamara Lund

This week, before the cold (that already took down M) got me, I had some days to do a little sightseeing around Turku. If you haven't already checked Nopsa Travels - a travel agency specializing in local travels - I highly recommend it! 
The grave stone of legendary actress / singer Tamara Lund in Kakskerta.
They have the same ideology I had in mind when doing mini travel guides earlier this year. And also, the idea we have for the travel guide to the neighbourhoods in Turku, which will be published early 2012. The book is written by Elina Teerjoki, who keeps lovely Hopeapeili-blog - have a look at her unique style!
Cows in Friskala, Hirvensalo island.
Another reason for going around the town is a photo exhibition I'm working on together with the residents of Varissuo suburb. For the past week or two, we've been going through hundreds of slides from 1970's - 80's, from the time the suburb was being built. And after that, seeing & documenting the places, houses and parks in condition they are at the moment. The exhibition is part of the Light Festival in Varissuo and will be opened in the end of October.
A little altar in Varissuo suburb.
And what about the shoes!? I've always had trouble finding nice, affordable shoes. Either they don't fit, are boring or just too expensive. So "lucky" me, I discovered a webshop Endless and went a bit crazy.

I actually got more pairs but the photos are even shittier than these. I like the way the kitten on the ones above look also a bit like Totoro - don't you think?
And the way the cutting makes a heart shape in these ones - that's lovely. The purple ones I actually didn't get now, but got them from Masha de Bordeaux, who was about the abandon them. Again, lucky that I was there for their rescue.
Anyways, now I've got to go and take Maro the dog & the best companion while in sickbed out - maybe my Totoros will join us too.

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