Carwash picnic, neon pompom & just stuff.

The reason why I started to write this blog was to force myself to see good stuff around me, if not everyday then at least once a week. No matter big or small, meaningful or insignificant, but something  that catches the eye and makes life worth experiencing for a person that tends to fall on the gloomy side far too easily :) So here is another collection of everyday this and that. aka mondo dis'n'dat.

Fresh laundry!
A gift, that had been waiting for me many years. 
Matching fringe & pompoms in neon.
New high heels waiting to see the world.
Going across the new bridge in town!
Having a picnic at the car wash - a special Sunday tradition for us.
Old Sign I
Old Sign II
Lovely yard of the building where we had Hawaiian Hula course.
Varissuo suburb bathing in autumn sun.
Love in the harbour.
Old Sign III
Housing area in Pansio designed by Erik Bryggman.
Coloured containers next to military zone,
from where we were asked to leave.
Amanita Muscaria lurking in the grass.
Parthenocissus taking over the building.
Sightseeing spot in Pansio, view over the harbour to the Ruissalo island.
Young coconut juice with fresh pineapple and maybe just a little bit of rhum. Served in a original Trader Vic's seahorse mug.
New matryoshka found from Artjärvi second hand shop.

Maro the Dog enjoying "the scents" of the autumn.

The colours of the autumn.

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