Highlights 39 - 49 / 2011

I want to see some hands up when I ask who stole the last couple of months?! What happened to October and November? Even my wall calender says it's still the end of September. Hmph!
It's better to scroll back and see what has happened in the past weeks. This autumn I started flamenco classes and believe or not (I didn't) the strange rhythms, clapping and stomping are finally starting to make some sense.

Me and Bettie Blackheart also joined forces with other burlesque artists and formed Burleskinstituutti - the Finnish Academy of Quality Burlesque Education. You can find all the latest news about upcoming workshops, courses & this and that from our blog.
And speaking of burlesque, the end of the year has been full of wonderful events! In mid-October I organized a burlesque bus trip from Turku to Helsinki & Finnish Burlesque Gala. Here you can see me doing my new act "Kosmos-Kiki" - a much Star Trek inspired performance.
And a bit later, it was time for the premiere of fabulous band Mangoo's new music video "Deathmint" - in which I had the role of the evil female terrorising the members of the band.
Other kind of role, was to pose as la Calavera Catrina for all together app. 500 people in Varissuo suburb when we had our annual Dia de los Muertos -party. Posing was done for the croquis drawing sessions we had and here you can see one of the fine works made! And yes, el embajador de México en Finlandia was there too with huge amounts of salsa, cuacamole & drinks! 

The stay in the Mexican mood for a bit longer - let me introduce my new high heels! I lovelovelovelovelove them, but the weather has been beyond horrible and I don't want to destroy them. Yet. So they wait for better and drier times!

But I'm happy to say that the first snow came while we - the Hulapirates Kabaree - were performing in Joensuu, for the local artmuseum and the Rokumentti rock film festival. Here you can have  a peak inside our minds and thoughts about, uhmm....burlesque!
This photo was actually taken last year about this time, just shortly I had accidentally managed to pop out my knee cap, while on stage. I long for the snow!!!!!!!

But so far, December looks awfully wet and dark. Except for one sparkly, wonderful night! On Dec 3rd, I produced a club "Pipesmoking Pineapple's Burlesque & Drag Spectacular" at a funky place called Dynamo in Turku. The night was full of magic, good friends and laughter! You can see a few of the photos from  here
 It was also a sort of celebration of my 33rd birthday - I love that number, curvy and bumby like myself!! And oh! the presents I got - here's just one example, a fabulous matryoshka bag from Petra & Epe. But all the rest, they need a post of their own!
And last but not least - my solo exhibition "The Dance of Death / Kuolemantanssiaiset" is finally up and going at the gallery Å, Kaskenkatu, Turku. Visit my other website for details, photos & text about the show or please if you have a chance, see it with your own eyes! The exhibition is open until the end of the year, that being 31st December 2011.
But I think this is enough for now! I'll be back...

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