Sweatshop and bagels

or spending a sunny day in a glazed balcony. I moved my craft stuff there (sorry M!) and for the past two days, I've been making tassels, pasties, tassels, pasties, tassels, pasties. In the end, I had 12 pairs. Which I hope, helps with the fact, that I always break or misplace (read loose) them.
Today I also once again thought how strange it is, that for some performances the idea, the costume, the props, the make-up and all that takes time and time to get in shape. And others, just pop up in your head and everything is ready before you know it! So, come and see what I've been working with to the Kokonut Kult burlesque club, June 30th at the Kokomo Tikibar!
Speaking of fruits, I've only recently discovered the delights of smoothies!! How have I survived this long without them!?!! I played a little housewife this morning, making breakfast (to be eaten outside in the balcony) and baking bagels! Also for the first time in my life! They turned out tasty but ugly, a very common outcome in this household :)
Since it's summer, it's nice to remind of lovely things You can get from the sales after Christmas. Look how pretty bird I found! I let him (for some reason I think it's male) out of the cage even though a real bird aka shit torpedo had been having some sort of riot out there couple of nights ago.
The balcony offers in addition to craft workshop and home made breakfast, also a little bit of modern art! This gorgeous tray (portray of me me me) was painted by, once again my super talented and dear friend Petra Innanen aka Bettie Blackheart, who actually at this very moment is setting her tatas on fire at the Venice Biennale!

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