When you have time to see the details.

Legoman by the river Aura.
Turquoise water pool.
Spiegeltent from the 1920´s.
I wouldn't mind if it stayed in Turku permanently.
Mannequin man observing.
Lanterns by night.
Some one got married. And some one (THANK YOU) 
ripped off the stupid patriotic poster.
A pair of birds.
Made in Finland rubber boots, checked in the factory by a lady name Pirjo.
And yes, there was a sticker saying this inside the boots.
I'm a bit confused. This is allowed by the city officials but
in many cases public art is not.
Flowers in the sky.
Simplicity. I love it!
Sometimes You need to take a photo before realizing details.
Like what is the thing connecting the wings?
Ah, good old times when they had craft, time and money to put on details.
The fence! The fabric! Perfect combination!
Urban jungle. Dull grey meeting sinful red.
And last but not least - The only way is up, baby!

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